Sexy Girls in Dominican Republic

I enjoy reading the blog, Cuba Dave’s Adventures, as I can enjoy a view of the sportsman’s life from the comfort of my armchair with no cost and no health risks. In the most recent submission to Cuba Dave’s Adventures we follow his joy of falling in love with a beautiful Sexy girl from Dominican Republic and what follows for love and money.

Sexy Dominican Girl

Sexy Dominican Girl

Can you imagine falling in love with a beautiful girl who works in a bar in the Dominican Republic? A place where if you pay a small fee she can leave and go home with you each and every night? A girl who shares herself with other men when you are not around so she can feed herself, her mom and her daughter?

I know just how he feels as I too once fell in love with a beautiful young prostitute at the Key Largo bar in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica way back in 1991. Her name was Kasandra and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. All of 18 years old and the night i met her was her third night out learning the ropes and I was one of her very first customers. What a joy to have in my arms that rare woman, one who truly loved me, and made love with me for her own pleasure as well as mine, who had a stunning body and enjoyed to be touched admired and made love to. I would go every night to Key Largo, find Kasandra and take her home. We often spent the days together wandering downtown, eating out, watching TV sleeping in each other’s arms.

Then one day she told me that I could no longer afford her company, that others found her to be far more valuable and for economical reasons she would no longer see me unless I could match what the other men where now giving her which was easily 3 times more then I was providing. I was heart broken and wandered around in a daze for a month or more, my friends noting in passing that I had succumbed to “The Kasandra Complex” and there was nothing to be done until I found a new girl friend.

Since i lived in San Jose, Costa Rica, the central american capital of sexuality, it was only a short time of suffering before I found the new love of my life Xinia, adventures with that could fill several books. That will have to wait until next time.

Meet Hot Girls in Costa Rica

I am in San Jose, Costa Rica visiting friends in Escazu but I want to meet hot girls while here. On the way to their beautiful house in the hills over looking downtown, I stopped for supplies at supermarket Auto Mercardo in Santa Ana. As it was noon, I bought sandwich fixings, and a yogurt. The cashier who took my money was so hot it made me cry not to reach out and touch her. I went to my car and made a nice lunch sandwich, drank my yogurt and dreamed of making love to the beautiful check out girl inside the market.

Meet Hot Girls

Now I am no expert at meeting hot girls, but i have had my share of success, especially in Costa Rica. I was not going to fail today.

Meet hot girls in Costa Rica

Meet hot girls in Costa Rica

Soon i gathered up my trash and some cash and headed back in to the supermarket to purchase needed supplies. Of course part of my plan was to use the same cashier as before, but this time, because i was not starving, to flirt with her and get her phone number  so that we can date later.

Again I chose the same cashier girl and was pleased to see her face light up like a xmas tree when she saw that I had returned. Since i was the only customer in line I took this opportunity to chat her up and ask for her phone number which she gave me. This hot girl is about 22 years old and I’m pushing 60 and that’s how easy it is to get a date in costa rica with hot girls if you speak the language and got balls to talk to them.

I phoned her that evening and saturday we spent the day and night together. So there is no excuse for you not to meet hot girls on your trip to Costa Rica.