From Love Costa Rica Style

I am on the mailing list of Love Costa Rica style and this is the first blog post that I have read because the newsletter alerted me to the musings of Thomas O’Brian. The writing is up to par and the subject is of interest to my readers as well so i give you below the first two paragraphs and you can read the rest by following the link above. – editor

“Another Sunday night in Paradise! Not a bad week. Pulled a winner out of the Key Largo Tuesday night. It was strange… I was there with Barry from Miami and there were two girls sitting in near the passageway that leads to the back entrance. One was really pretty and the other one just pretty. Not bad to have to choose between the better of two goods, eh? Anyway, the slightly less pretty one took a shine to Barry, and I thought to myself that he might have gotten the best of the two because she seemed to have a better attitude, more sincere at least. The one that latched on to me was better looking, but she seemed a little too friendly, and I was wondering if it was just an act to get a customer.

“My girl’s name was Jennifer (she said) and she pulled me out on the dance floor as soon as the band played a slow song. If she had danced any closer to me, she would have been behind me. I know I’m no Tom Cruise, but she acted as if I was. Barry’s girl, in the meantime, was more laid back, friendly and attentive but not in a fake way. I really had my doubts about my girl, but I decided that she was so good looking that I would make a low-ball offer and if she said no, I could tell myself she probably wasn’t going to be any good, and if she said yes, it was only going to be $40. … ”

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