Dating in Costa Rica is no different than dating in any country. A boy asks a girl to dinner and a movie. Usually the date happens on Saturday nights because most Costa Ricans work thru saturday noon, leaving Saturday night as the only night for dating. Lovers and friends spend time together on Fridays but must get to work early saturday without too much of a hangover, called goma in Costa Rica. If you are lucky enough to be out of work with money to spend you can ask your costa rican girl out any night of the week. Chances are she’ll accept an early evening anytime but will stay out late only on Saturday night. The local dance clubs do not close their doors until sun up the following morning.

I like Costa Rica Dating and usually invite my datevto a nice quite dinner. My first choice is Machu Pichu, the original location in San Jose. Excellent food and a great date spot. Its tightly packed tables and star studded clientele make for an interesting evening. Later we might go to the movie theater or to a dance club with a live band to practice our salsa and marenge moves.

Ever noticed how the eyes of Spanish women are seductive? I have often fallen head over heals for a spanish girl just from her smiling eyes. Its so amazing but these spanish eyes really have something special about them. Almost drug like.

There is really no secret to dating costa rica women. Just start up a conversation and soon you’ll be dating the Costa Rican girl of your dreams.