Costa Rica marriage agencies are available to help the lost find each other. These agencies help latin women find love with foreign men. Spanish introduction services work by providing a large list of available single women of all ages to men who are willing to pay for access to phone numbers, email addresses and personal introductions. The internet has a few happy couples stating their love was found thru a dating service, but what you do not hear are the failures. After all who wants the world to know that the girl of AND their dreams turned into the wicked witch of the east just months into the new marriage. But to be fair, any girl could be your worst nightmare, so before you hitch up, make good Costa and sure that the girl you are going to marry is the right one for you.

Just how you go about learning the truth about the girl of your dreams is simple. You must live with her for at least two years before marriage. No actress of any skill can keep up her lie that long. The truth will prevail. If after two years you are still in love and she is still the girl of your dreams, then by all means, get married to her. On the other hand, and far more likely, you will find that she is a gold digger and is impatient for her rewards.

It matters not that you use a Costa Rica marriage agency or find your girl on your own. What matters is that you know her, trust her, love her and that she is not out to take you for a ride. I have friends who have used these latin agencies of love and I have yet to hear of any happy endings. Sure the first few years are great but when the divorce comes, the bank accounts are emptied, the house, the car, the kids, and 25 years of alimony payments are all given to the girl who has done nothing to earn any of this, then you will learn it is far better to rent, then to own when it comes to sex.

After all, is not marriage a way to insure regular sex? Or is marriage a way to insure that the kids have two adults to keep them fed and safe? What is marriage? These questions and more to be covered in our next excursion into Costa Rica marriage.