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One of the downsides of Costa Rican girls is that most of them are lousy cooks. Proof is that most restaurants in Costa Rica serve terrible food. Over cooked. Over salted. Too much time on the stove. Wrong temperature. No sense of food combining or healthy eating. But the good news is that you can teach your new costa rican wife how to cook and she will forever be grateful. Personally i start them off with salads and eggs. Quick meals and easy to show them the right way to prepare healthy meals. Your new wife from Cost Rica will please you in the kitchen.

But will she please you in the bedroom? Of this there is little doubt. The girls and women of ┬áCosta Rica love sex and are very experienced, even your wife was someone’s girl friend before you saved her. Think of it as buying a good used car, there is nothing wrong with her that an oil change won’t fix. Really though men, the women in Costa Rica are awesome and sexy and ready for you!

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