Girls in Costa Rica enjoy the benefits of living in a warm tropical climate where they can enjoy living free of the burdens of heavy clothing. While true that the Costa Rican winters are mild, rarely colder then 45 degrees Fahrenheit, even in these relatively cooler days, the girls of Costa Rica rarely put on more clothing than one would need on a warm summers night. The Costa Rican men enjoy watching beautiful Costa Rica ticas walking thru the San Jose Mall or dancing in the many discos found around town. It is a well known fact that spontaneous adventure is everyone’s friend, and Costa Rican girls enjoy spontaneity as much as the next person.

Next week starts Easter Week, Semana Santa, and the beaches will be over flowing with lovely ladies, girls and women from the central valley and all over the country. If you want to meet a single Costa Rican girl, then now is the time to make a reservation at a beach hotel in Costa Rica so that you can mingle with the singles who will be flocking soon to the playa. Spend your money wisely and choose the right beach to meet your girls. A number of beach towns in Costa Rica are over run with prostitutes, drugs, and thieves. The amazing thing is that towns that used to be really middle class and safe are now the centers of organized drug and prostitution rings. And towns that just a few years ago were dusty ugly slums are now very nice. Rather then provide the names of towns that this writer thinks are quality and others to be avoided, I will let you, the reader do your own homework as the names of these towns are likely to change on a yearly basis.

Its amazing to me that some men choose to use marriage introduction services in Costa Rica because these services charge high fees for introducing you to a smorgasbord of Costa Rican girls and women. Well if you are fat and ugly then I guess you have to pay to meet girls, but if you are good looking guy why in the world would you ever use a latin introduction service to meet your Costa Rican girl?

You say you do not speak spanish and you need the intro to get over the rough spots in the language? When will you learn spanish? Will your girl learn english? If you do not speak the language of the girl of your dreams, you will have a hard time communicating out of the bedroom. Best investment you can make is to study spanish in a local language school and i’ll bet you meet a nice girl who in the neighborhood where you are studying spanish.

The best Costa Rican girls are already somebodies wife or still in high school.