Where is the Hot Costa Rica Girl?

The last time I was at the beach near Playa Tambor I met a hot costa rica girl and we have been carrying on a torrid affair ever since. Though she lives in San Jose and I live in the mountains, we find time almost every week to get together for wild sex and all night dancing. There is something about sex with my hot costa rica girl friend that makes life worth living.

Now you might ask how did I meet my girl friend? It was not easy i can assure you because she is so hot all the guys were falling all over her but she could see they had their tongues in the dirt and did not care about her feelings or her brain. I used the blind man’s approach and our conversations never had words such as “wow baby you are so hot I want to make love to you right now…” as this would never do with such a girl unless she was a whore. My girl is different, she is beautiful, sexy and hot, this is true, but she is very smart and ambitious.

Meet Hot Costa Rica Girl at the beach

The easiest way to meet hot girls in Costa Rica is to hang out at the beach on the weekends and just walk up and say hi. If you want a whore you can bring up sex after five minutes but if you want a proper costa rican girl, you must wait at least ten minutes before joking about sexuality.