I have traveled in a number of Latin American countries, from Mexico to Panama, including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. And every latin country I visit I fall in love with latin women because they are beautiful, sensuous, feminine and many are anxious for marriage with a handsome healthy man.

I am from North America, California to be precise, a culture of uptight prudes with strong work ethics but pathetic sexual values. Hollywood produces nothing but sex and violence yet the reality is that so little sex happens in California, except on TV, that most American Men when traveling to a Latin country, fall in love the very first day of their visit. Is it true that there is no love left in the states? Is it true that sex and love are negotiated commodities in our fairyland white world?

If you suffer from being an American man, then you too should visit countries to the south where you will find latin women for marriage who will blow your mind. Most of these women are awesome and will be the best friend and partner that you have always dreamed of. Some women in latin cultures are vultures to be sure so be aware. I love latin women and marriage is always on their minds when they fall in love. When i was a young man in my 20s in california I could not get laid to save my soul, but now that I am a real man in my 50s I have so many latin women hanging around that often I have to phone up a few men friends to come and help me spread the love around.

What countries have the finest latin women? I have never been to South America so I cannot say but I hear that Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil have the most beautiful women in the world, no in the universe. So it is said. But I do know this, the latin women of Nicaragua and Costa Rica are as pretty as I have seen in my lifetime and I find no reason to venture further away. While every culture has its bright lights and dark secrets, the good times with latin women far out weigh the bad.

So when you are looking for marriage, latin women should be high on your list.