Is it possible to find true love when you are middle aged and older? Can you really find a kind loving generous affectionate honest caring woman to marry in Costa Rica when you are pushing 50 years old and are not in the best of physical shape? Is love just a fantasy, something to search for but never reached? Has your whole life been wasted believing in love only to discover the word has no real meaning?

Yes you can find love in Costa Rica at any age of your life. There is no doubt in my mind. But if you start the relationship with a monetary agreement then you know for sure that love will never be found. When you buy a wife thru one of the numerous dating and marriage services available to middle aged men in costa rica, the membership fee signifies to the prospective bride that you are willing to pay for love. And that my friend is what you will do for the rest of the time spent with the woman of your dreams. And a dream it is when you stop and look back and realize that she took you for a financial ride.

If you want to find true love, and it can be done, you must emerse your self in the culture of your target society, be it Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Russia or Thailand. Learn to speak the language, change the way you eat and dress, respect new strange customs and religions – only then will you have proven to the woman of your dreams that you are serious about a truly loving relationship. And now that you speak spanish and go to the Catholic Church, you will meet many beautiful young single women in Costa Rica who are looking for you and who will love you for who you are, rich or poor. Well, probably not poor.

What kind of woman signs up with a dating agency? Sure there is no fee for the girls to register membership, but what attracts them to the agency in the first place? Certainly their girl friends advised them the best way to find a rich gringo was to be introduced thru an agency. Notice what these girls are looking for: a rich gringo to take care of them for in exchange they will pretend to love. Sex is easy to fake but emotions of the heart are much harder to falsify. Many of the girls registered with Costa Rica Marriage agencies and other introduction services in Costa Rica also work as prostitutes.

If you are going to meet a girl and are considering a long term relationship and marriage, please get to know their family first. In Costa Rica when you marry a girl, you are married to her entire family. They will expect that you take care of them as well as your new wife. So look for a rich prosperous family who needs nothing from you and in fact can open doors to a better future for you. Do you think rich chicks are signed up at dating agencies?

Good luck on your search for love in Costa Rica.