I love latin women. I love their mature and youthful sexiness. I love their breasts, their eyes, their long elegant fingers. I love their legs, especially if they walk in the hills daily. I love their full lips and their hysterics. I love to make love with latin women.

But I am constantly amazed and frustrated by this love. If the latin woman of your dreams also loves to watch novelas on TV then you are in for a rocky ride. These novelas teach women how to lie, cheat, steal, and basically be evil witches while pursuing materialistic dreams of grandeur. Often I find family members eating daily at my dinner table, invited by the love of my life. Extra beds are often full of brothers, mothers or even sexy sisters by invite of the latin lover I have chosen to be my wife.

Latin women can be the best and the worst there is in a woman. So hot you burn and so cold you freeze. So smart you wonder why they are not lawyers and so dumb you wonder how they got thru high school. Their beauty can last eternities, if they stick to a healthy diet, or they can turn into an old cow before 30 eating the shit sold in the super markets. It is a rare latin women who reads, if you find one, grab her and hang on tight.

In the end the coupling of two passions will counter all pain and you will know that the love of latin women is here to stay.