Dancing is Popular in Nicaragua

Amazingly Nicaragua is full of beautiful Nicaragua women dancers who perform freely often at festivals and other special days. There are dance clubs and groups who meet weekly to practice their love of dancing and prepare for parties and other festival presentations. I can only imagine that these Nicaraguan Women are not yet married and one might find it easy to fall in love with a dream. A great way to meet your future wife in Nicaragua would be to join a dancing group where you will find many single Nicaragua women dancers.

Nicaragua Women Dancers

Nicaragua Women Dancers

Nicaragua Women Dancers Surprise me

One day as I was returning from my mid day constitutional walk on the naked sand of playa San Juan del Sur, a loud musical explosion meet my normally quiet mind’s eye and there in front of me was a dozen young dancers all in white twirling and lifting and laughing and smiling surrounded by the crowd of life outside the central market. As I could not pass this impasse, I plugged my ears to save them from the volume, and watched as these lovely young couples displayed their dancing skill. Men and women, boys and girls, in perfect grooming and high stepping, shared cultural dancing moves that one might like to know if one was to remain in love with a nice Nicaraguan girl.

And then I saw this most stunning of creatures spinning about, her long white virginal skirt flowing out from her body as she spun hiding that which was waiting to be discovered by her first lover. The look of innocence was crying for an embrace but lack thereof the young dancer worked harder at her craft raising just the tiniest beads of sweat on her face. I believed that the universe had placed her and i here and now to meet and end this lifelong solitude that i had as my friend.

When the dance was over, the dance group moved away from me, in my direction of travel and entered a rooming house to change back to civilian clothes. Yet I was lost in a cloud of love and cold barely move, saying hello and nodding my head and shaking hands with friends in the crowd i headed slowly home hoping above all odds that I might have a favorable word with this young beauty. As luck would have the kids came rushing out dressed in jeans and shirts and she stopped, smiled and said hello, then ran off as I was unable to speak more then a reply to her greeting.

How old are those Nicaragua Women Dancers?

A shop keeper watching and knowing me, said, “She just turned 15 and is now available for marriage proposals but I think perhaps she is still a bit young for you.” I nodded in agreement, turned and headed home. Now what did I do with those photos of the lovely Nicaragua Women Dancers?