Latin Coeds Excite

Whenever I am in San Jose, Costa Rica, I try to make a visit to the San Pedro Mall in the afternoon where some of the best indoor girl watching of hot latin coeds takes place. Normally I grab a snack at the vegetarian cuban restaurant on the edge of the food court which provides a reasonably healthy meal at a fair price. Then I might wander around for awhile window shopping and making excuses to stop and chat up pretty girls who appear alone and available.

Hot Coed Models

This last time I parked my car inside the parking area way up high and when i went to find my parking spot I got lost and found myself on a roof edge where a fashion photographer and his latin coed model were working away. I suppose he was working for the shoe store as there does not seem to be much else in the way of clothing on this hot model.

Hot Latin Coed

Hot Latin Coed

I snuck a quick photo over his shoulder and dashed off to find my car and then headed off to get a proper massage and relief from all the stress of the single man’s life in Costa Rica.

Colombian Models Besame

Colombian Models practice and perform for you

This high quality video of Besame models in Colombia 2011 is awesome. If you have any question in your mind where the most beautiful latin women in the world are, this video should kill any doubts promptly. You have to ask yourself what are doing even thinking about women from Costa Rica when the Colombian Models are the hottest! There is just no comparison. If you are looking for love in Costa Rica you may well be looking in the wrong latin country.

These gorgeous colombian models are hot latin women. Here you can watch them practice their dance moves and cat walks for modeling exercise clothes and sexy underwear. Man I tell you i am moving to Colombia where these hot Colombian Models live! There are many more videos available on youtube of colombian models became just search.