Prostitution in Costa Rica is quite legal, as it is in most of latin america. Girls and women choose this profession because without a college degree there are almost no decent jobs in Costa Rica for non professionals. There is a movement against prostitution in the world which is madness because who is going to feed these women and their kids if they cannot exchange their sexuality for food and shelter? The same politicians who decry prostitution, are the same ones who refuse to provide good jobs and living wages to the poor people of the world. Not to mention that one of the groups spending the most money on prostitutes the world over is the politicians !

Now some say that prostitutes are forced into this life and should be rescued. Certainly that is true for a percentage of the girls in the business in some countries around the world with powerful mafias like Russia and The Philippines. I recently read an article on India where young girls are sold into slavery by their parents because of poverty and ignorance and this is a real crime. But in Costa Rica, all the prostitutes that I know have chosen this life as the lesser of all evils. And for girls who like sex, and are selective about who they provide their services to, not only can these girls have a great time, a good meal, some fun loving, but they get to come home with a nice paycheck and put food on the table for their families. And the men who have suffered under the yoke of feminism for so long can have some relief, some pleasure, some small sense of being loved, and return to their mundane lives as happier healthier men.

We know that marriage is an evil joke thrust upon an unsuspecting public by the ruling elites to force mutual slavery and misery on the masses. Until we return to real extended families and tribal life, prostitution will always find many customers among men who never intend to marry and those who are miserably married. In fact you will also find boys and men selling their sexual favors to bored housewives all over the world.

Its no wonder that Costa Rica has become a sexual tourism destination to compete with much larger countries like Thailand and Russia. Costa Rica has beautiful loving women who love sex and love money even more. But do you have to pay an introduction service to provide you access to girls who are nothing more then hookers at night and nice girls by day? Not if you speak a little spanish and your eyes are open to the delight of meeting girls in town. Just walk up to a pretty girl and introduce yourself, you’ll know in one minute if there is any chemistry.