What do rich men do with all that money? If we are to believe what we see in movies and television, they buy beautiful women, fast cars, and yachts. What do poor men do when they are in love with a beautiful woman? Cry a lot. Believe in love and pray a lot. When a beautiful women consents to be the wife of a rich man, is it for love or money? If it is for money, is she a prostitute, even though she is married to the rich man?

rich men love beautiful women

A beautiful woman waiting for her rich man.

Local and international beauty contests provide the rich men with a grand selection of available beautiful women who will stand by their sides and keep their beds warm for the simple fact that they will now live the dream of luxury. Love has escaped the successful man and the beautiful woman. There is now only love in the trenches, for the poor downtrodden masses who might be lucky enough to overcome prejudice and realize the love before their eyes. But the rich have no love, not for their spouse, nor for humanity.

Beauty contests are materialism incarnate. The girls want to be seen and noticed as beautiful and smart. Rich men tune in and then order up the girl of their dreams.