Costa Rica is a Sex Tourism Magnet

Why is there such a huge sex tourism industry world wide? Why do men, and some women, travel to foreign countries to for sexual encounters? Who is responsible for this exploding industry and is this an issue that should be criminalized as some prudes say in the United States? Is sex tourism good for people, does it bring healthful benefits as well as financial rewards that otherwise would leave people poor and miserable?

Sex tourism in costa rica

Sex tourism in costa rica

It seems obvious that men in need of love will settle instead for sex, and will travel to countries where sex can be easily acquired. This is certainly an indication that where these men live, their home country, love and sex are very hard to find. Instead of attacking these men and calling them criminals for merely following their natural instincts, perhaps if society showed them some real affection and caring and love they would not leave their home countries seeking sexual favors with strangers. Not only do these men not get loved at home, they become criminals perverts and god forbid that some old man has sex with a young woman who is of age but could be his daughter. Oh how prudish is the american society.

Since most sex tourists are North American and western european men, we can conclude that these societies have bread much hatred towards these men. That women in these societies do not like the local men. We know that in North American touching and hugging is almost illegal. We know that feminism has destroyed any ability of women to love men honestly. We know that these men need love and travel to many countries in search of love. And Costa Rica is one such country these men come to.

I notice an interesting phenomenan here in Costa Rica that has to do with these same man-hating-women who travel to costa rica for fun and games. These same women, who back home in the USA or canada, would not sleep with a guy if he was the last man on earth, jump in the sack with different latinos on a weekly basis and often parade themselves around town draped over their brown skinned lover boy toy. These women who will return home and continue to shun their local men and condemn those men for looking for love in foreign lands yet here in paradise they become more then free, they become manipulators and control freaks.

I lay the blame squarely on the head of the National Organization of Women (NOW) and their feminism movement which blamed men for all of women’s ill luck. NOW is full of man hating dykes dreaming of a world where all women are lesbians and men are slaves or dead. For the last 40 years the feminist movement in the United States has complained of inequality but in their demands they want to be more then equal. They want to have more power, more money, more control and to have the last word. It is no wonder that American men travel the world over to find love and sex with women who can at least pretend, for a few hours, or a few years to love the man.

Call Girls are available in Costa Rica

Call Girls are available in Costa Rica

Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

I dislike the word sex tourism but it is a reality here in Costa Rica, as well as in other countries like Thailand, the Philippines and Colombia. The many prostitutes that I have met and slept with for the most part are nice people who have mortgages to pay and kids to raise. Very few of the hookers in Costa Rica are drug addicts or thieves although one should always be careful of this fact. I have heard stories of Russian women brought here as sex slaves and there was even one murdered a couple of years ago who supposedly tried to escape her masters. But outside of these stories 99% of the women working in the sex industry in Costa Rica do so because they choose this life.

Why does a woman choose to be a prostitute? Because of the high pay and short hours. Most of these girls work for themselves, have no pimp, take care of their mothers and other siblings as well as their own children with the generosity of their clients. If we listen to the angry cries of the righteous we should deny these woman this right to work and force them back to slavery as shop girls, factory workers or domestic employees.

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